Politics lately have degenerated into corruption that most people are not willing to accept anymore because it’s started to mess up our economy, our freedom, our planet and our friends (other countries are included here).

Personally, I’m for Ron Paul. I’d like to get the private bankers out our our national treasury (The Federal Reserve Bank is 100% privately owned.), reduce the size and scope of the Federal government and go back to the founding fathers advice of staying out of other nations’ business.

Yes, we once were rulers of the world along with our allies, but that time has past. We can’t afford “butter” and guns. That’s what broke the old Soviet Union. The way to achieve world influence without breaking our economy is not with force and bribes (“foreign aid”). It’s by being a shining beacon of liberty, freedom and economic opportunity. It’s not a well known fact, but before Julius Ceasar “conquered” the barbarians, they were trading peacefully with Rome. It was Pax Roma (Roman peace) that made Rome a world empire. Not soldiers.

If our government didn’t provide free services (I firmly believe charity should be private, not governmental.) there would be nothing to fear from immigrants. As it is, I saw the other day that we, well, our money anyway, are paying more than 300 Billion dollars a year for services to illegal aliens in the US.

I’m all for immigration. I’m all for citizenship for all. Just don’t connect free money to citizenship. Instead, connect respect for others, honesty and hard work (which by the way, most aliens, legal and illegal, demonstrate an abundance of).

How do we get from the government dole (welfare) to private charity helping families and individuals through a rough time? I wish I knew, but I’ll bet there are others who do know or, certainly, could find out.

That’s my rant for today. Tomorrow might be a funny poem or nothing. This blog is going to be a strange mix. I find that liberating and refreshing.

Good night.

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